We are trained and experienced in using equipment of all types including hydraulic basket lifts, swing stages and scaffolding.

Ladders are the tools we use most but certain pieces of equipment make ladder use easier, safer and less damaging to surfaces such as walls and gutters.  Standoff arms (Above) make ladders more stable and safer.  They also prevent damage to gutters as they press against the roof and not the gutter.  They also make ladder use possible in certain positions where they otherwise would not be.  Also, rubber bumpers (Below) reduce ladder movement and prevent ladder damage.  These pieces of equipment are critical to ladder use and we don't use any ladder without them.

Some customers prefer specific paint companies and brands and we are happy to use them. However, we normally use and recommend Sherwin Williams paints as they are the top paint company according to paint quality studies (and according to our own experience).  Using the right primer is critical, we use a slow drying oil-based primer from Sherwin Williams because it penetrates deeper into bare wood.  For the final coats, we like to use "Duration" from Sherwin Williams as it has superior ingredients (including titanium oxide) and even has elastomeric properties that fill hairline cracks.